Talent roster for individuals and firms (talent pools - not ATS).

Find an accountant online - verification network.

@usepastel + @usertesting for editing. eg. I send a blog post draft to community of curated editors, they annotate it and send it back to me.

Legitimate review site for mountain bikes (expand to other verticals).

Meeting Rater - anonymously ask for meeting participants feedback after meetings via Slackbot.

Online Meal Support for eating disorders patients

Track meet for adults

Online job shadowing

Rewrite internet algorithm via browser extension to make your browsing experience more positive.

Door to door sales network for emergency goods (earthquake kits)

Non-biased software reviews from who's actually using them

Google Translate API for conversations with yourself

Online nutrition coach who deals with your online ordering on Instacart

Insured bike lockers Vancouver

Portable standing desk that just clips to wall.

Personal style service for men.

Tinder optimization service by women for men.

Window cleaning business in a box

Yelp for landlords

Personal finance comparison dashboard

Hotwire for wine

Customer analytics using Stripe API

IFTT for doing everyday micro-annoyances

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